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Published 1969

Donald and the nephews have a time of it trying to find a Christmas present for the duck that has everything, Unca Scrooge. A story starring Scamp.... son of Lady & Tramp.... Then a tale of niece & nephew - ah - ducks; that is to say Daisy Duck's nieces, April, May, & June in a story , with Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and, Louie. More advertisements than I remember finished by the 2nd installment of the latest Mickey Mouse 3 part serial mystery.

Now this issue is from Gold Key Comics - part of Western Publishing company - and the price here is for 15 cents rather than the previous price - a dime.

Follow the adventures of this Disney comic family not only here but elsewhere on this site.... Almost all that exist are here.
Enjoy a trip down memory lane here... not so much a stumble but hopefully a stroll through our pleasanter memories.
Noah 8-?

Year 1969
Pages 36
Language English
Collection classiccomics; comics; additional_collections


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Uploaded by
Jeff Kaplan
on 3/22/2012